Huntington Beach

Union High School District


Dr. Don Austin
Assistant Superintendent


I recently attended a school event and was asked about all of the changes surrounding education. It is difficult to pick up a newspaper (for those of us who still read newspapers) without seeing something regarding school finance, Common Core State Standards, or a litany of proposed reforms. I was thankful that HBUHSD has developed a steady approach to curriculum and instruction that begins with a commitment to ensuring the best first instruction in our classrooms. Our teachers embraced the concept of Instructional Rounds to share best practices and collaborate with their peers to better serve our students. Our students engaged in higher levels of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communicating. They were also asked to write more about their learning (expository writing) and to solve challenging and relevant problems. Throughout the last several years, we have dedicated time and resources to support the professional development of our teachers and [...] More Insights...

July 11, 2014