Huntington Beach

Union High School District

My Alma Mater

Dr. Greg Plutko

My Alma Mater

The rite of passage…high school graduation…and in the Huntington Beach Union High School District, it is clearly at the core of our mission. Sitting on the graduation stage, I am always honored and proud to look out and see our amazing smartly robed graduates, as well as the excited and energetic families lending their support with an affirming, “We love you Allison!” This past June, I was reminded time and again by each end-of-year student speech and acceptance of a diploma, that our graduates, while thrilled to be heading on to a new journey, also found an immediate love for their high school years. I suppose in perfect honesty, while in high school I also couldn’t wait to “get out” and start what was next. I watched both of my own children have that same “what’s next” focus as they completed their high school years. But there is something special [...] More Insights...

August 25, 2014