Huntington Beach

Union High School District

Finding the Right Fit

Dr. Don Austin
Assistant Superintendent

Finding the Right Fit

It is the time of year when students receive acceptance letters from colleges across the country. The task of making a final selection is often confusing, convoluted, and a little scary. It is further complicated when students begin comparing their options with peers. It is easy for students to find themselves having less fun than they should and anguishing over their decisions. There are some things to consider that may help your kids to feel a little less stress as they navigate the process, understanding that their original decision may not be as high-stakes as they believe. The New York Times reported that roughly 1 in 3 students will transfer from their college. Other reports indicate that 80% of all students will change their declared majors. The average student will change majors three times during their career. There is plenty of research that identifies academic conditions that can increase the [...] More Insights...

April 4, 2014